Friday, January 13, 2017

A Better me

HAPPY NEW YEAR friends!! I am so excited for #2017.  I am excited for what it will bring and I can't believe we are already 4 days into the New Year!! With this New Year one of my resolutions for myself is to Become a Better Me!
A Better Me, a Better Mom & a Better Wife. I always take care of everyone before myself. It's just my nature. I put everyone's needs before my own and I get stuff done. Which I love and I find very rewarding!! I am sure many of you do the same ?!!
But, I am going to be Honest in the last 2 years especially I have not taken care of myself. I have not been as active as I would like, my eating habits are not what they should be and I have used food as a comfort when stressed. I don't feel 100% at all. With my husband being sick with Cancer I was always and am always worried about him and his health and the general wellbeing of our beautiful kids. I always put myself last. I have decided In order to be a Better me, I need to take care of myself FIRST. When I was thinking about this resolution I started to feel selfish?!! That I was thinking of myself and not my kids or my husband. But in thinking about this goal and taking care of myself I am thinking of my family. If I take care of myself first. I will be a Better version of ME, I will be a Better Mom and a Better Wife. I will have more energy, I will be more active, I will continue to LOVE my life and I will be a Better ME!! .
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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Midway Ice Castles

For the last 4 years I have been waiting to visit the dreamy, beautiful Ice Castles in Midway, Utah . Finally, this year the Ice Castles opened in the 3rd week of December. They usually open in mid January. So, I was so happy to find out they had opened while we were visiting Utah.
I quickly rounded up family members to see who wanted to visit this gorgeous place with us!? I wanted everyone to come as I have been waiting so long to visit. Why wouldn't they want to come right!?? We got tickets and planned our visit.
The Ice Castles are located in Midway, Utah. It's about 45 minutes from my parents house. The drive up was gorgeous though the Provo canyon. All the snow and the beautiful trees. It looks like a winter wonderland. We arrived and got all dressed in our snow gear. It's cold! So layer. We bought tickets for the 5-5:30 time frame so we could see the Ice Castles in the day light and at night. The day was so pretty. You got to see them in the natural light and see the entire surrounding areas. Then at night was so magical. They have different color lights that are within the Ice Castles, so the colors are always changing. They even have music to go along with the colors. It was so beautiful. My favorite colors were the pink and purple.
There was so many fun tunnels for the kids to play in and multiple slides to slide on. The kids loved it and were having so much fun on the slides! The website recommended bringing a small sled to pull children instead of a stroller. So, we brought sleds and the kids loved it. They were able to walk around a little and then sit on the sleds for the rest of the time.
After a while of exploring and a lot of picture taking we were cold. They had a cute stand set up with hot coco and treats. So we visited, grabbed some hot coco and warmed up a bit.
I am so happy we visited the Midway Ice Castles. They definitely did not disappoint. We all loved them and we will be visiting them again!! If you live in Utah or visiting Utah you must visit them. You will love them. You can purchase tickets at the link listed here.
I suggest going when you can see both the day and night experiences. It makes it so magical.

Here are some tips listed on the Midway Ice Castle page and some tips from me.
These helped us out and are great to know!!
Wear Boots! The walking surface inside of the Ice Castles is made of crushed ice. Walking in boots is definitely best. Wear snow clothes too and layer! Its cold!!

  • Buy Tickets Before You Arrive! When you buy a ticket, you buy an arrival time. We ask that you arrive within your 30 minute time window. Once you are inside the castle you can stay as long as you’d like!
  • Save some trees! When you buy your tickets online we’ll send you an email with a unique QR code, so there’s no need to print your tickets. We can scan the code right from your phone! WE USED OUR PHONES. SO MUCH EASIER!
  • Photos are encouraged (and we want to see them! #icecastles)
  • TAKE A SLED! It makes it so much easier. 

  • The Slides were a Hit!! So fun.