Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Love your guts

This year i have made it a goal to become a better me. To take care of myself and put myself first. It has been a hard goal for myself and i have had a lot of ups and downs. But one thing i have been doing for myself that is helping me feel better, is taking a Probiotic. I have been taking it in a pill form and in a Wai drink mix. I take it my pill version everyday and i love it. I use my Wai drink mixes every few days and it also helps me with my water intake. I have been using products from Silver Fern. I have been using them for about a month and its been great! I love them! You can find them here along with other great items!

Here are some FUN facts on WHY i love these items products!?? 
  • Encourages healthy fat metabolism
  • Helps with Immunity support
  • Supports healthy digestion  - This is a big one for me! I need all the extra help with my digestion! 
  • 5 billion CFU probiotic blend
  • Ability to produce 12 strong antibiotics to fight opportunistic and harmful bacteria
  • 100% survivability
  • Natural
  • Reduces hunger - Love this one! 
  • Reduces gas  bloating
  • Six tantalizing flavors -- They taste like summer time!! 
  • No added SUGAR! 
  • Improves digestion & food tolerance
  • Reduces gas, bloating and digestive discomfort
  • Aids in recovery of the flora after antibiotic use
  • Supports nutrient absorption
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves favorable immune response and supports the reduction of allergies and asthma
  • Improves regularity of bowel movements
  • Acidifies the digestive tract to support the growth of good bacteria
  • Makes my tummy feel better 

Love these drink mixes!! They are so great! Its a great way to flavor your water and get added pre & probiotics into your body! All good things for my body!! 

Do you take probiotics?? Let me know what you use and what you like or don't like?? Why you take them or why you dont?? 

xoxo, Andrea 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Snackies for my brownie boys

This week we tried some new fun snacks from SunRype ! These snacks are so yummy. One of our favorites was the fruit to go. We had the Apple Strawberry Watermelon flavor. They are perfect for everyday snacks and so great for on the go. Noah and I are also loving the Energy bar in the Raspberry Chocolate. Its so good. You can find these yummy snacks online listed below or at Sprouts in the produce section. If you try them, let me know what your favs are!?? 

In addition to these fabulous snacks. Sun Rype Usa is running a Sweepstakes starting March 13th  - May 31, 2017. For chances to win great WEEKLY Born In China Prize Packages that include 4 movie tickets, a plush panda and SunRype Snacks! No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. See official rules for details.

Enter HERE for the sweepstakes  ::

Rules ::
 *NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  The sweepstakes begins on March 13, 2017 at 8:00am PT and ends on May 31, 2017, at midnight<UrlBlockedError.aspx> PT.  Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. or D.C. who are 18 years of age or older. The sweeps can be entered ONCE PER DAY. Find a full list of the prizes available to be won, how to enter, odds of winning and drawing dates along with the full rules and regulations<>. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Sun-Rype Products Ltd.

INFO ::  SunRype has re-launched their entire snack bar portfolio to be gluten-free, peanut-free, kosher and vegan within the past year, and we are so excited to collaborate with Disney who shares our passion for health and wellness. Together, we can help deliver fun, educational and nutritional information around the power of healthy eating to individuals and families across North America.

 At will find an Educator’s Guide and an Activity Packet that you can download and share with your kids. Isnt this so fun!?? I printed it for my boys and they love it.
 Disney’s commitment to health and wellness dates back to 2006, when the company became the first major media company to establish a Nutrition Guideline Policy to associate its brands with a more nutritious portfolio of foods and beverages. The company has since marked every year of its Healthy Living Commitment with significant milestones, such as becoming the first major media company to launch food advertising standards for children, launching new content and experiences that inspire healthier lifestyles.

These products were samples sent to me for a review. All of these opinions are my own. We love these products!! 

xoxo - Andrea Maya

Monday, May 8, 2017

Cinco De mayo

Cinco de Mayo is annually observed for May 5. It celebrates the defeat of the French army during the Battle of Puebla (Batalla de Puebla) in Mexico on May 5, 1862. 

Cinco de Mayo is seen as a day to celebrate the culture, achievements and experiences of people with a Mexican background, who live in the United States. There is a large commercial element to the day, with businesses promoting Mexican services and goods, particularly food, drinks and music. Other aspects of the day center around traditional symbols of Mexican life, such as the Virgin de Guadalupe, and Mexican-Americans who have achieved fame, fortune and influence in the United States.

This year we decided to celebrate. We usually just go out for Mexican food. But, this year a friend and i planned a pool party with close friends. It was so fun. We did it potluck style and everyone brought something to share. We had so many yummy items. Mini burritos, pork tacos, fruit kabobs, homemade salsa , homemade guacamole , Jarriots drinks - these are yummy mexican sodas and  we had lots of other yummy items. Everyone went swimming, we talked and we even had a pinata. The kids loved it and we all loved it too. Really i love any excuse to have a party!! 
Here are photos from the party!!

I created this cute Cinco De Mayo set up for any party too. All items are from Party City and the yummy beverages are Jarritos. There are so many yummy Jarriots flavors - here are some --  Mandarin, Lemon, pineapple and Fruit Punch. They have lots Jarritos became the most popular soft drink in the U.S. among Latino consumers and everyone else in the USA who loves it!! 

You can purchase them here - They are so good. Everyone loved them!! 


Recently I have been able to do some reviews for a few new, & awesome baby / kid products. The first one that I am going to talk about this month is the oogiebear ! You are probably asking yourself what is a Oogiebear??! I said the same thing ? Haha a Oogiebear has a loop end that’s great for sticky, rubbery boogers, and a scoop end for safely removing the dried ones. oogiebear is perfect for little ears too. It’s made of soft, grippy rubber that’s easy to hold. Isn't that pretty amazing?? I think so. 

I love that it is a bear head’s design. That just makes it super cute!  The design prevents the oogiebear from going too far into baby’s nose and ears. Your baby / child will breathe easier and so will you. I love that. I always worry about things going to far in my babies / kids nose or ears. 
All in all this product was great for us. Especially during allergy season. Noah, Noah has allergies so bad and always has those stubborn boogies i cant seem to get. 
Here is a photo of the oogiebear! Make sure you check out the link here as well and grab one for you and your cute babies !! 

Bioesque Beauty

Recently I have started using Bioesque Beauty. It is seriously amazing. Yes I was gifted these products to do a review and share them with all of you. But, this is one thing i am so, so, so happy I found. I know all of you will love them too!!
These are affordable at home skincare products. Here is some infomation about each product that is offered from Bioesque Beauty. 

Bioesque Beauty is best known for there at home skincare treatments, which deliver the same clinical benefits as a professional treatment – when and where you want it. Its totally true. I did my Energizing Foot scrub the other night. My feet felt amazing!! 

The Energizing Foot Scrub contains ingredients sure to leave your feet feeling silky, soft, and refreshed. You simply clean your feet, apply the scrub (massaging as you go), give the ingredients some time to do their job and voila! This product reduces the appearance of coarse skin, and leaves feet looking refreshed. Apricot seed powder, walnut seed extract and various other ingredients work together to leave you and your feet feeling refreshed and clean. They smell amazing ! 
The Exfoliating Foot Peel is another easy and safe skincare treatment intended for your feet. Using the provided pair of foot peel booties and one pair of slip-free socks, you just cleanse your feet, place the booties on your feet one foot at a time, leave them on for 90 minutes (letting the ingredients work to remove dry skin, calluses, and cracked heels), rinse and you are done. Arnica extract, lactic acid and refreshing jasmine scent all work together to begin the peeling process. Four to six days after, your feet will peel, leaving you soft, refreshed feet. So freaking amazing! I love that you can do this at home! 
I love getting pedicures. They are so relaxing and fun! But, it becomes very expensive to keep up with. Especailly when my husband wants one, and both little boys haha. 
And in AZ when you need to get them often because you wear flip flops and sandals because of the heat. My feet get so dry, so cracked and yucky. So these awesome products have been great for me to use in between my pedicure services. You need to get some of these abd try them out. Make a little spa night for yourself and include these. You will love them. I sure do!!

click here for all of the wondeful products they offer-

Hope you enjoy them as much as i do! xoxo- Andrea Maya 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mommy & Me time with JORD- A MOTHERS day giveaway

Mothers are so special with a very special love. They are always there when you need them the most. I feel that way about my wonderful mother. I am so lucky to have her. She has always been there for me when I need her. She is my best friend and I love spending time with her. I have so many wonderful memories with my mom and I love it. I love that we still remain close even though I am older and we live apart. I hope to be able to carry on the same loving relationship to my 2 beautiful boys. Being a mom is my favorite thing in the entire world. I love to teach them, play with them and create memories with them. Soon they will be grown and away from mama. I hope they will always come and visit me a lot and continue to love me so. Only time will tell i guess!!?? 

 I feel like Mother's day came a little early for me this year because I received this beautiful JORD watch that I am in love with. It will definitely help me be more on time instead of be on my mom time. Who can relate??
It is the Cora zebrawood watch. Its is a rose gold color and has crystal's in it. It creates the perfect famine look. You can easily pair it with a casual look to dress it up or a beautiful dress. It is absolutely gorgeous. 
I am so excited to share it with all of you!! Here I have styled it a few different ways to show you how you can wear it. 

 I am even more excited to be able to give one of you fabulous Mamas a $100 dollar gift card to Jord watches. 1 winner will win a $100 gift card and all others will receive a $25 gift card. Yay !!!
Make sure you enter and tell all of your fab mama friends too!! Good luck.

Enter in the link below ---

And if you can't wait. You can shop my beautiful watch here and many others you will love.