Monday, March 27, 2017

Oats Over Night

These cute little packages did not disappoint!! They are so tasty & easy. Mix one packet with your dairy of choice in a #blenderbottle . I used almond milk! Mix it up & put it in the fridge overnight! In the AM give it a few GOOD shakes and you have a fast, easy, yummy breakfast!! It's Perfect. My favorite was the Chocolate PB Banana 🍫🥜 🍌 !! Use code CORREA10 and get a discount on your order!! I really loved these and they made Breakfast so much easier. The quote from Oats Over Night is " Life Is Hard, Make Breakfast Easy" !! Love it. Visit them on Instagram here : @oatsovernight and shop the link below--
#oatsovernight #betterme 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ralph Lauren Polo Red

This month i was lucky and got picked for the Influenster box! It was the new Ralph Lauren Red Extreme perfume for men. Let me tell you it is amazing!! It smells so good.
The smells all together are Extreme, strong and addictive. Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme Parfum is a powerful blend and I love it !! Diogo loves it and even the boys love it!! Buy it for your husband. You will love it.

* I was sent this product free to review. But all of these opinions are my own.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lunch dates

I was lucky to have the cutest lunch dates this week ! All of my boys. We went to MOD pizza here in Gilbert. It is so yummy and we all love it. I love that you can create whatever pizza or salad that you want or you can order off the amazing menu. My favorite pizza is the Mad Dog! It's full of lots of meat. The little boys love the mini cheese pizzas and Diogo got the calexico . It's super yummy and a bit spicy. We did half with Jalapeños and half without. I suggest no jalapeños. They had a fun wall where you can write your name on stickers and then put it up. The boys loved it and thought it was so fun! If you haven't been to MOD make sure you check it out.
Visit the link below to see if you have one near you !!