Monday, December 19, 2016

Rudolph Noses

This weekend we did some fun Holiday Baking. We made cute Rudolph noses and my boys loved it. I love these little treats because you can make them for any holiday and just change the colors. So fun!! Plus anything kid approved in our house is a must! I love letting my boys help cook, bake etc! It helps them learn new things and helps us create amazing memories. I love it.

My cute helpers

Rudolph Noses
By : Andrea Correa

1 (10 ounce) bag waffle shaped pretzels
1 (10 ounce) bag Hershey chocolate kisses & 1 (10 ounce) bag Hershey Hugs
1 (10 ounce) bag red and green M&M's


  1. Preheat oven to 170 degrees.
  2. Place pretzels on parchment covered cookie sheet.
  3. Unwrap 1 Hershey's Kiss or Hugs for each pretzel and place on top.
  4. Bake 4-6 minutes until Kisses or Hugs are soft.
  5. Remove from oven and press one coloured M&M into each Kiss or Hugs-- We used Red for all the Rudolph noses.
  6. Allow to cool -- I like to put them in the fridge or freezer to help cool and set.
  7. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Brazi Bites

Happy Holidays from Brazi Bites !! Check out the link below and find out how to Gift Brazi Bites for free!!?! Treat Yo Self !! ⛄️❄️🎄❤️☃️----------------------------
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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

12 days of Christmas

December is here and I am loving it. The cool air, Christmas music and all the fun decorations! We have already been looking at Christmas lights for over a week. We love December! For Christmas I have teamed up with some of my favorite shops to give you guys 12 days of Christmas giveaways!! Everyday I feature a new shop or blog. Then write a little about the items or shop and end with a giveaway! You can enter everyday, but only win once. We are on the 6th day and it's going fabulous. Lots of fun gifts and happy winners. Make sure you head over to my Instagram (correamommydiaries) and check it out!! Happy Holidays!

Day 6 Giveaway is from Burrito Baby Blankets ! So cute.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rodizio Grill opening Mesa AZ

 Diogo and I were able to have a date night and attend the VIP opening night for the new Rodizio Grill in Mesa, AZ! It is in Dana Park. It opened a few weeks ago.
We have been waiting for a Churrascaia - Brazilian Steak house to open up near us that is yummy and more affordale.
Rodizio did not disappoint. Being married to a Brazilian. I have become quite picky with Brazilian food and i have leaned how to cook a ton of the Brazilian items. Sometimes i think i am more picky then Diogo is. I was so happy that Rodizio was so good because it gives us somewhere yummy that serves Brazilian food we all enjoy. It gives me a break and everyone is happy.

Salad Bar Items-- They were so good! 

They had so many things to choose from. You can order the full Rodizio or you can just do the salad bar. We get the full Rodizio always! Because we love everything. Everything we had was so yummy. The salad bar was amazing. Tons of salads, cheeses, beans and more to pick from. The meat types were endless and all cooked to perfection. The abacaxi- grilled pineapple was amazing. That is one of my favorites. Drinks were great. We ordered Brazilian Lemonade and  guarana. Those are our favorites.

The desert was so good. We ordered the creme brulee with hints of orange. It was so good.

The service was amazing. We had the cutest server and she spoke Portuguese with Diogo.  So that was fun. She made the night even better. The  restaurant overall is gorgeous. It has gorgeous pictures of Brazil and has so much room. It is perfect for any event. A birthday, a dinner party or just a date night. Don't forget to sign up for the birthday club! You get a free meal. How amazing is that!??  
We loved Rodizio and are so happy it is finally here in AZ!! We will be visiting again soon. If you go let me know how you like it and what was your favorite !??!

You can find out more info here

Tchau, Correamommy

Favorite Hikes In AZ

It's officially the fall/winter season here in Arizona. That means its about 75-88 degrees during the day and feels pretty great. Lately its even been 50-60 and chilly!! It's the perfect time to hike around and explore. I love taking the kids out and letting them play and go on new adventures. It's so fun and we create the best memories. 

 I remember when we first moved here to Arizona. I hated the desert. I hated the cacti and the desert plants. Basically all the scenery around me. I have grown to love it so much over the last 4.5 years of living here. Its my favorite. I even have a few desert plants in my home. Over the years we have loved taking our visitors to at least one or 2 hike / trails when they visit. They always love it and its a great free activity. 

If you come to visit Arizona make sure you go to these little hikes / trials. You and your family will love it. 

These first 3 are all Easy and kid friendly.

1.The Riparian Preserve-( Gilbert, AZ) We love it here!! There are several trails that wander throughout this preserve, It's so fun. We love to bring our scooters or bikes for the trails. The trails are all around a lake and swampy areas with birds, ducks, turtles, and fish. We love to bring a loaf of bread to feed the ducks. It is a popular spot for bird-watchers, dog-walkers, photos and families.They have a few kids areas as well and the kiddos love it. Noah is digging for Dino bones in the picture below. Both of my kids love that area.

2. Papago Park aka Hole in the Rock- (Phoenix, AZ)This is a all time favorite of ours. Whenever family or friends visit. I always want to take them here. Its a easy hike and so pretty. Its right by the PHX zoo. The views are amazing. There are also other hiking trails off of the area. So we always go explore those as well.

3. Usery Park Wind Cave Trails - (Mesa, AZ)The Wind Cave Trail is one of those hikes that everyone Arizona needs to do once. It is about 3.2 miles round trip and takes you to some fun alcoves which you can sit and rest in before you turn around and head back . Merkle Trail is a easier and is a 1.1 mile loop trail located in the same area. It features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding. You can even take a stroller on this loop. So that is pretty awesome! It makes it easier for us Moms!

There is also a hike called Vista Trail that is up hill. Its on the same circle as Merkle and is still kid friendly for older kids. Noah was in our hiking backpack for this hike. Reggie did great. He just had to be more careful. As there are loose rocks and uphill. Also, be careful for Jumping catci / teddy bear chollas. I thought wow, these are so pretty and got close for a picture. Next thing i know my shoes are covered in cacti balls.And no i did not step into them. It was so weird. All of a sudden my feet just hurt and they were there.

There is also the cutest little park in Usery! Its shaded and has cute fake cacti swings and other things for littles to play on. My boys loved it!! There is also a $6 entrance fee to Usery Park.

These next few are a little harder hikes. Kids can still do them. It just might take a few more breaks and longer hiking times. We take our awesome hiking backpack with us in case one of the kids wants to use it.

4. Camelback Moutain- (PHX,AZ) Camelback Mountain is an excellent hike or climb in Arizona. Hiking Camelback Mountain is perfect for a tourist activity in Phoenix, because the hike is quick and is located in the middle of the Phoenix Valley with great views! Even locals love it and its always pretty crowded.

5.  South Mountain Park - (Queen Creek, AZ)Prefect place if you are visiting the East Valley area. Great trails and desert beauty. There is a $6 dollar parking and entrance fee.

Hiking Tips--- Even tho the temps are down. Make sure you bring lots of water with you ! It still gets hot and little love their water. It is also good to have a first aid kit. My kids get cuts and scrapes and always want a band-aid. I hope you all enjoy these hikes and trails as much as we do!! 

cute hikers

Teddy Bear Cholla

Desert Views 

Cutest Monkey!! This play area was so fun! 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Trolls Yogurtland Flavors

This weekend we visited Yogurtland to try all of the new Trolls inspired flavors! These flavors did not disappoint. We all loved them so much. The flavors were all so fun, colorful & tasty. Just like Trolls!! We saw the movie Trolls a few weeks ago. So, the boys have been on a Trolls obsession. Trolls music, Trolls food from the store and Trolls toys. So when i told them we were going to Yogurtland for Trolls yogurt. It was perfect and they were so excited. They tried every flavor and were loving it. They were so excited to see all the Trolls flavors and there favorite characters. They even got cute Trolls spoons. We will definitely be visiting Yogurtland again soon for some more Trolls Yogurt. 
If you haven't seen Trolls yet. You must go.  It's the cutest movie ever. Full of dancing and fun. Grab your family or friends and go see it. Then head over to Yogurtland and try some yummy Trolls flavors!! We loved them and we know you will too!

These cute little hands ready to enjoy Trolls yogurt!! 

Here are some of the yummy flavors you can pick from. My favorite flavor was Poppy's White Chocolate Rasberry. I paired it with the Chocolate and  It was so amazing. So many fun ones to pick from. 
  • Birthday Cupcake Batter.
  • Almond Midnight Mocha.
  • Pineapple Sorbet.
  • Guy Diamond's White Chocolate Peppermint.
  • DJ Suki's Cranberry Raspberry Tart.
  • Creek's Butterscotch Pudding Gelato.
  • Poppy's White Chocolate Raspberry.
  • Cooper's Caramel Apple.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Perfect Fall Salad

Pear, Pomegranate, Chicken & Spinach Salad
Andrea Correa
Time: 20 minutes & Serves : 6

I made this salad the other day for lunch. It was perfect! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. We love pomegranate's in our house!
  • Ingredients
  • * Salad
  • * 2/3 cup chopped walnuts or pecans, toasted-- I used White marcona almonds.
  • * 3/4 cup pomegranate arils
  • * 3 oz feta cheese, crumble
  • * 2 Bartlett pears (firm but ripe), cored and sliced
  • * 9 oz baby spinach
  • *   Grilled chicken breasts
  • *   Olive oil / salt / pepper/Johnny's seasoning - to cook chicken

  • * Dressing
  • * 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • * 3 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
  • * 1 1/2 Tbsp honey- I used Organic Blue Agave . I get mine at Costco.
  • * 1 tsp dijon mustard
  • * Salt and pepper, to taste

  • Directions
  •   * Heat pan with olive oil and season chicken breasts-- salt /pepper - I also use a little Johnny's seasoning.
  • * Whisk all dressing ingredients in a bowl to blend well. Place all salad ingredients in a large salad bowl. Drizzle with desired amount of dressing then toss to evenly coat. If you want a quick salad dressing option, I picked up the Bolthouse Farms Honey Mustard. It was great on this salad.
  • Serve immediately.
  • * Recipe source: adapted with some changes from cooking classy

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Happy Happy Birthday

November 18 is Diogo's birthday! Happy birthday love. 
32 things I Love about Diogo. -----------------------------
He's my bestie, Handsome, the best baby daddy eva, carling, loving, hardworking, funny, loud, tall, has a strong testimony, he watches all my shows with me lol, best cooking assistant, fun dad, loves to snowboard, loves skiing, loves Park City, loves to have fun, Brazilian, athletic, loves sushi , has the best smile, great with babies & kids- not just our own, great at wrapping gifts, loves to grill, loves his family, happy, best lips, great style, fighter, loves the beach, smart and he loves me! I love you babe. Happy happy birthday!! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tomato & Pesto Breakfast Omelets

Made these yummy Omelets for breakfast today! It was my first time. 


1 tbsp olive oil & 1 tbsp balsamic

 Handful of grape or cherry tomatoes, halved

4 eggs/egg whites added

2-3 tbsp pesto

Salt and pepper - I added a little garlic salt for flavor. 

Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to an 8-inch cast iron (or non-stick) pan over medium heat. Once hot, add the tomatoes to the pan and sprinkle with salt and balsamic. Let cook for about 12-18 minutes, turning them over every few minutes until the liquid has mostly cooked off and they look caramelized. Place tomatoes in a bowl and set aside. 

Reduce heat to medium-low and let the pan cool down for a few minutes. Add in remaining oil or whatever spray you prefer. Whisk the eggs for about 30 seconds. Pour eggs into the pan and swirl around to evenly distribute. It should sizzle a bit. You want the eggs to cook slowly. Let the eggs cook without stirring for about 2 minutes, until the edges and bottom start to set.

Once the omelette starts to set, gently lift up the edges with a spatula and tilt the pan towards that edge to help some of the uncooked egg run beneath. Let cook until it's golden about 2-4 minutes. Put a dollop the pesto on one half of the omelette and sprinkle the same half with roasted tomatoes.

Using your spatula, loosen the edges of the side with no toppings and carefully fold it over to cover the toppings. This should be very easy if your pan was greased well. Let cook 1 more minute then slice in half and serve immediately. Top with salt and pepper as desired. You could top with Parmesan too. I added a few more tomatoes and a little pesto on top! 


CHEETAH is my Favorite NEUTRAL

Happy Wednesday babes. Anyone who knows me, knows I am an animal print lover!! So this sweater was a must have for my fall & winter wardrobe. It's from a shop called Shop Pink Blush.
Shop Pink Blush shop has the cutest items, they are cute, fancy and comfortable. Comfortable is a must have in my mom life!! I love that this sweater is easy to dress up or down. Head over to the link I posted to check out more fabulous items!! Ps-- info listed below for a fabulous Instagram giveaway that I am holding with them. Head over to @correamommydiaries to enter!! 

💗 Xoxo,


 Today I am so excited to be teaming up with @shoppinkblush for an amazing $50 giveaway!! Check out the details below.
PinkBlush Giveaway 💗💗
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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Mini Pizzas

Mini Pizzas made out of mini nann bread. I buy my mini nann bread at Costco. They are prefect for a quick & fun dinner. My kiddos love them.
Pizza #1- Pesto spread, cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella balls & balsamic reduction. Pizza #2- Olive oil base, Parmesan cheese, fresh spinach, fresh mozzarella balls, green olives & balsamic reduction. Bake for 10 mins on 350. Then broil on high 5-10. Enjoy!! *************** 🍕🍅🧀 What are your FAVORITE homemade pizza toppings?!! Please share!! We plan to do this a few times a month during the summer. My boys love to help cook, so these are perfect. Everyone has so much fun making them.

Chicken Pesto Caprese

One of my favorite things to do is cook! The other night I made Chicken Pesto Caprese for the first time. It turned out so yummy and it is HUSBAND approved. Let me know what you think?

Chicken Pesto Caprese
Andrea Correa 


4 - 6 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts halved 
1 Jar of refrigerated Pesto-- I used the Bertolli Brand.
2 -3  sliced tomatoes 
1 cup mozzarella sliced 
Sea salt / Pepper for taste
3 tablespoons olive oil 


Heat pan to medium and add 3 tablespoons of Olive Oil. 
Season chicken with sea salt & pepper on both sides.
Place chicken in pan.
Cook for 5-10 mins and flip.
With a spoon add Pesto to the top of each chicken breast. 
Add sliced tomatoes and slices of mozzarella cheese. 
Add a little more olive oil, Pesto and water to the bottom of the pan. 
Put the lid on  he pan and cook on low for 20 minutes or until chicken is no longer pink in center.
Remove from stove top . I added extra tomatoes to the side .
Serve with side salad, brown rice or pasta. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lularoe LOVE

I love fashion. Especially comfortable, fun and bright fashion. The amazing Pamela from
Lularoe picked out the cutest combo for a fall wardrobe for me to share with all of you. I love it!! It's so fun and bright. It fits my personality perfectly. 
The leggings are so soft and comfortable. Easy to wear with a casual top or dress them up.
My fun printed Cassie skirt is perfect for church. I loved paring it with my yellow Irma top and some cute fall booties.
I absolutely love my Irma top. They are so comfy. I love how long they are and the perfect fit. I have the Irma in a few colors and prints. It's a must have for your closest !! 

FUN FACTS about Lularoe::
Lularoe only makes 
2500-5000 items in each print. That is over all the sizes and styles. That means all items are unique!! So if you find a print you love. Grab it. Don't wait. 
 All consultants have a completely different inventory. So you can shop from a few Lularoe girls and never see the same thing twice.
The clothes are ethically made around the world including some from recycled fabrics. Isn't that cool?!! My yellow Irma top is one made from recycled fabrics .

You guys have to check out Pamela's online Facebook group . She has so many cute, fun items. I know you will love it all. 
Plus, I am hosting a giveaway with her for a $100 shop credit in her Facebook group!! 
The giveaway goes from 11mst Thursday through 11am mst Saturday.

Here's the info below. You don't want to miss out !! So hurry over.

Happy Shopping!! Can't wait to see what everyone gets. 
Here are a few photos with my new outfits I love. My cute little Noah helped make these pictures even cuter. 



Here i am wearing my cute Cassie Skirt with a Irma top. Both items are
so comfy and cute.

This sweet boy melts my heart everyday. 
Fur Vest from Target 
Lularoe clothes from -- LuLaRoe Pamela Buzzard

Flat Lay of all my items 
Toms Booties-- These are the perfect fall shoe. Found at Nordstrom. Similar ones can be
 found listed below.
Lularoe Cassie Skirt
Lularoe Irma Top
Lularoe Tall & Curvy Leggings

To make your Lularoe outfit comfy and everyday. Just wear your leggings & Irma. Perf.


Recently i have discovered a new yummy treat. Its perfect for my
SWEET TOOTH!! Even Diogo loves it. The treat is ARCTIC ZERO. ARCTIC ZERO is the best fit Frozen Dessert. It's low fat and low in calories. ARCTIC ZERO is low glycemic, lactose free, gluten free, GMO free and kosher. It’s the perfect zero-guilt pleasure whenever your sweet tooth strikes. I love it. My ultimate FAVORITE flavor is the Brownie Blast. It is so tasty and has little chunks of BROWNIES in it. It's amazing. My second favorite is the POPPIN' Pomegranate. It's taste is so refreshing and light. I love it. It is more like a sorbet. Arctic Zero has the PINTS in tons of flavors and BARS too. You can find them at any grocery store / market near you. I purchase mine at Walmart & Target. You can even order online and they will ship it to you. How amazing is that!?? I hope you all enjoy these yummy treats as much as i do. Try them and let me know what your favorite flavor is!!???


Look how cute the packaging was !?? 

All of these FLAVORS were so yummy.

One of my FAVS!! 

Fun Picture of my PINTS!! TRY THEM!!!
visit them here ---

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Correa Halloween 2016

Halloween is over and done. It's crazy how time flies. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love everything about it.

 This year one of my favorite photographers -- Abbie Martinsen took a mini photo shoot of the boys in their Halloween costumes. It was perfect. It was so nice because then I didn't worry so much about getting the perfect picture on Halloween. Because I already had them!!
It was amazing. I will be doing that every year. So much less stress.

This Halloween was so fun. We started out at a Halloween Party at BounceU. It was so fun and the kids partied hard. Cupcakes, fun and friends. Then we headed home to do some Trick-or-Treating. We stopped at a few of our favorites houses. Then we headed off to our Great friends house for a Halloween Party / get together with our group. All of the mamas made different chilies and sides. We ate & chatted. All of the food was so yummy. The kids played and went trick or treating. We partied hard and had the best time. We are very blessed to have such great friends . We all have kids around the same ages and they all love each other. It's the best.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween night!!

Here are some pictures of our cute Pikachu and Spider-Man.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Choose Joy

One of my FAVORITES. Lately things havent been going as planned. But lets be honest who's life does??! I love this quote.💗 #lds #ldsmom #family #ldsquotes #russellmballard #love #correamommy #momblogger #sunday #happysunday #positivevibes #happy #blessed #ldsconference #joy #choosejoy

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Candy Corn Pretzels Recipe

Let me know how you like it?!
* Ingredients----
* Square-shaped pretzels or circle *Hershey 's Kisses Hugs & milk chocolate kisses
* candy corn- big bag.
* Directions----
* Preheat oven to 250F degrees.
* Line baking sheet with parchment paper . Align pretzels on the sheet. Unwrap Hugs / kisses and place one on each pretzel. Stick in the oven until the hug begins to melt down. Mine takes about 4 -6 minutes.
* While the Hugs & kisses are melting in the oven, get your candy corn ready because you will have to move quickly once the pretzels are out of the oven.
* Remove pretzel hugs from oven and gently press a candy corn down on each one. The Hug/kisses should flatten out when you press the candy corn on it. If it is not flattening out, place the pretzel hugs back in the oven for 30 more seconds. Mine are half and half. I had little helpers. They don't have to be perfect. * Let the pretzel hugs cool completely and let the chocolate set for about 10 minutes in the refrigerator. Then they are complete. These are a great make ahead treat: make them 1-3 days before you need them and store covered in the refrigerator. My kids loved helping make them and loved eating them even more!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday!! These cute kids had a fun pre Halloween party early this month. We had tons of treats, fun music and best friends. We made HALLOWEEN Mini Rice Krispies!! They were so yummy and fun. It's so much less work for us Moms 😉 & the littles LOVE it!! 🎃👻 I love creating fun parties & activities for my kids. It allows me to be creative and plan, it gives them something fun to do, invite friends over and create memories that will last forever. 






What you need : Prepackaged Rice Krispie's. 

Halloween frosting, 4-6 different candies, Halloween Sprinkles & cutlery ! 👻🎃

All my items came from Target.






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📸: @melanieb_3 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Super Easy Mexican shredded Chicken

Super Easy 

Mexican shredded Chicken 

Andrea Correa 


  • 4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, depending on how much meat you want (4-6 halves or 2-3 full breasts, to avoid confusion)
  • 1 can salsa of your choice (any salsa you want.) I use a mild pace one.
  • 1 packet taco seasoning-- I get a gluten free one from Walmart (or 1 ½ - 2 tbsp of your own . 


  1. Place everything in the crock pot and mix it up good so that the chicken is coated in the salsa/spices.
  2. Cook on high for 5-6 hours.
  3. Use a fork to shred the chicken (it should do so easily).
  4. Assemble - Tacos, Nachos or Salads. Enjoy !!

We love this Easy chicken! We use it for Chicken nachos, Chicken tacos, chicken burritos or Mexican chicken salads!! So many choices. It makes great leftovers . 

** Side items you might need to complete this chicken with meals above-- corn tortillas, flour tortillas, shredded lettuce, cherry tomatoes, guacamole, tortilla chips, shredded cheese, beans - black or refried, sour cream & corn. 


Don't forget to enter my giveaway with JORD watches !! Look back a few posts and all info is there. It's the prettiest little watch ever and I love it!! 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Part 1 of our Cancer Journey

The memories are so clear in my mind. 6 weeks prior to August 12, Diogo had told me he found a lump in his testicle. He said i think i need to go see the doctor.  Diogo gets sick or sees the Dr probably 1-2 times a year if that. So when he said that. I knew something was definitely wrong. I said yes of course. Let me find one asap. I started calling all of the Top rated Urologists in Gilbert and the surrounding areas. All of them were booked out 5 weeks plus. Call after call and everyone was booked or out of town- since it was summer. I was stressed out and hoping we could just find a good Dr with one opening. After tons of phone calls. I feeling so frustrated. I finally found a Urologist that had a last minute opening. We anxiously waited our 5 weeks until Diogos appointment. Trying to live life as normal as we could while we waited. We didn't tell anyone what was going on. We didn't want to stress anyone out unless there was something more significant to know. 
The date arrived and we went went to Diogos appointment. It was the entire family. I couldn't find a sitter for that day. I remember the Dr coming in and checking Diogo, he asked a million questions. Then he said, You have Testicular Cancer.  He said you will need surgery to take everything out, we will need to biopsy your lump to determine how severe this is. We need to see if the CANCER has spread anywhere else in your body. He then asked are you guys done having kids?! We replied no. He said well you guys will not be able to have anymore kids. He explained we would need to Sperm bank if we ever wanted the chance to be able to conceive again. He then chatted some more with Diogo. I just sat there with tears rolling down my face. I was in complete shock. I was still trying to process. Diogo was 29 years old. Healthy and living a good life. How could he be sick?! How could my dear husband, my best friend, my children's father, our protector and provider be sick with CANCER??! I did not know what Diogo was thinking. As i looked over he seemed to be very calm and composed. He continued to talk to the Dr. Thank him for his time and then they took us to schedule his surgery. The surgery scheduler informed us that our Dr was going on a 3 week vacation and he was leaving that night. So he couldn't preform the surgery until after he returned. I was said absolutely not. You will do the surgery now. I was so mad and angry that they would even try to push something so serious off. I told Diogo we will schedule it. But we were going to get a second opinion... 
We loaded the kids in the car. Our drive home was very quite. We got home and right away tried to figure out a SECOND opinion. Diogo went to the Urgent Care. They sent him for a ultra sound right away and found a Urologist that excepted EMERGENCY cases. I was so thankful. He came home and told me he would have the ultra sounds results tomorrow and that I need to call true dr with this referral. I called and got an appointment with the next few days. I remember calling my mom to relay the bad news. I could barley talk. I was crying and trying so hard not too. I asked her to tell my Dad. I also asked if we could plan a family fast. She said of course. We then called Diogos parents. We explained to everyone that he would have surgery and then we would know more. 
That night we had to talk about trying to have another baby or if we wanted to try and SPERM bank. We needed to call insurance etc. There were so many things to do. Did insurance cover SPERM banking, was Diogo going to be able to work, how expensive was surgery etc?! There were so many questions we needed answers for. But, we had to wait for our appointment with the new Urologist. 

Thank you for reading part 1. I will continue posting on this major life event.
If you have a friend or a family member with Cancer. Please reach out to 
them. They need you more then you know. Even if it's a note, a text, a picture or a small gift. Or just sit with them in silence. 



Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall accessory BY JORD

I am loving my newest fall accessory from Wood Watches By JORD! 
It's such a beautiful women's watch.
This watch gives a light feel on your wrist because it's made out of a beautiful zebrawood. I am absolutely in love with the big face, it makes it easier for me to tell time and I know we all need help with that ?! I am in love with the GOLD face. I have been obsessed with GOLD these days. The GOLD face makes this watch look very clean.
I have created 4 of my favorite outfits and I have added this beautiful watch to each of them. I wanted to show you how easy it can be paired with any outfit. I love that I can wear this accessory and dress it up or down. It's great for church, a date, or just a casual look, with a t-shirt and jeans. I am telling you it's the perfect accessory for every outfit.
Below are my 4 outfits. Enjoy!! 


I am hosting a giveaway with the amazing Wood Watches on my blog. Don't forget to enter at this link- it's super easy. Just click below and enter your information.

The winner will receive a $75 coupon, and any other entries will receive a $20 coupon. You can use those coupons to shop for a beautiful watch for yourself or buy something for the husband. 
Below is a direct link for my beautiful watch and others. 

Shop my beautiful watch here: 

Good luck on the giveaway!!! I am loving my JORD watch and I know you will love yours too.

Xoxo 💗,


This post was sponsored by JORD watches. Please note that I only endorse products that fit with Correamommy and what I love and believe my readers & followers would love. Thank you for your continued support!

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