Monday, September 26, 2016

Part 1 of our Cancer Journey

The memories are so clear in my mind. 6 weeks prior to August 12, Diogo had told me he found a lump in his testicle. He said i think i need to go see the doctor.  Diogo gets sick or sees the Dr probably 1-2 times a year if that. So when he said that. I knew something was definitely wrong. I said yes of course. Let me find one asap. I started calling all of the Top rated Urologists in Gilbert and the surrounding areas. All of them were booked out 5 weeks plus. Call after call and everyone was booked or out of town- since it was summer. I was stressed out and hoping we could just find a good Dr with one opening. After tons of phone calls. I feeling so frustrated. I finally found a Urologist that had a last minute opening. We anxiously waited our 5 weeks until Diogos appointment. Trying to live life as normal as we could while we waited. We didn't tell anyone what was going on. We didn't want to stress anyone out unless there was something more significant to know. 
The date arrived and we went went to Diogos appointment. It was the entire family. I couldn't find a sitter for that day. I remember the Dr coming in and checking Diogo, he asked a million questions. Then he said, You have Testicular Cancer.  He said you will need surgery to take everything out, we will need to biopsy your lump to determine how severe this is. We need to see if the CANCER has spread anywhere else in your body. He then asked are you guys done having kids?! We replied no. He said well you guys will not be able to have anymore kids. He explained we would need to Sperm bank if we ever wanted the chance to be able to conceive again. He then chatted some more with Diogo. I just sat there with tears rolling down my face. I was in complete shock. I was still trying to process. Diogo was 29 years old. Healthy and living a good life. How could he be sick?! How could my dear husband, my best friend, my children's father, our protector and provider be sick with CANCER??! I did not know what Diogo was thinking. As i looked over he seemed to be very calm and composed. He continued to talk to the Dr. Thank him for his time and then they took us to schedule his surgery. The surgery scheduler informed us that our Dr was going on a 3 week vacation and he was leaving that night. So he couldn't preform the surgery until after he returned. I was said absolutely not. You will do the surgery now. I was so mad and angry that they would even try to push something so serious off. I told Diogo we will schedule it. But we were going to get a second opinion... 
We loaded the kids in the car. Our drive home was very quite. We got home and right away tried to figure out a SECOND opinion. Diogo went to the Urgent Care. They sent him for a ultra sound right away and found a Urologist that excepted EMERGENCY cases. I was so thankful. He came home and told me he would have the ultra sounds results tomorrow and that I need to call true dr with this referral. I called and got an appointment with the next few days. I remember calling my mom to relay the bad news. I could barley talk. I was crying and trying so hard not too. I asked her to tell my Dad. I also asked if we could plan a family fast. She said of course. We then called Diogos parents. We explained to everyone that he would have surgery and then we would know more. 
That night we had to talk about trying to have another baby or if we wanted to try and SPERM bank. We needed to call insurance etc. There were so many things to do. Did insurance cover SPERM banking, was Diogo going to be able to work, how expensive was surgery etc?! There were so many questions we needed answers for. But, we had to wait for our appointment with the new Urologist. 

Thank you for reading part 1. I will continue posting on this major life event.
If you have a friend or a family member with Cancer. Please reach out to 
them. They need you more then you know. Even if it's a note, a text, a picture or a small gift. Or just sit with them in silence. 



Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall accessory BY JORD

I am loving my newest fall accessory from Wood Watches By JORD! 
It's such a beautiful women's watch.
This watch gives a light feel on your wrist because it's made out of a beautiful zebrawood. I am absolutely in love with the big face, it makes it easier for me to tell time and I know we all need help with that ?! I am in love with the GOLD face. I have been obsessed with GOLD these days. The GOLD face makes this watch look very clean.
I have created 4 of my favorite outfits and I have added this beautiful watch to each of them. I wanted to show you how easy it can be paired with any outfit. I love that I can wear this accessory and dress it up or down. It's great for church, a date, or just a casual look, with a t-shirt and jeans. I am telling you it's the perfect accessory for every outfit.
Below are my 4 outfits. Enjoy!! 


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The winner will receive a $75 coupon, and any other entries will receive a $20 coupon. You can use those coupons to shop for a beautiful watch for yourself or buy something for the husband. 
Below is a direct link for my beautiful watch and others. 

Shop my beautiful watch here: 

Good luck on the giveaway!!! I am loving my JORD watch and I know you will love yours too.

Xoxo πŸ’—,


This post was sponsored by JORD watches. Please note that I only endorse products that fit with Correamommy and what I love and believe my readers & followers would love. Thank you for your continued support!

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tomato, Basil Chicken & Spaghetti Squash

This is one of my ultimate favorite recipes!! We usually do it with spaghetti. But, we have been trying to make some better choices. So I swapped out the spaghetti for spaghetti squash. Reggie will try a few bites, Noah loves it, Diogo loves it and so do I !! It was so yummy and we will continue to make it this way. Hope you love it as much as our family. 

Correa Mommy

Tomato Basil Chicken & Spaghetti Squash 
Andrea Correa 


 4-6 chicken breasts . If mine are big, I cut in half lengthwise
1 big spaghetti squash 
Sea salt and black pepper
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil - I always add extra
2 cups chopped fresh tomatoes-- I get cherry tomatoes at Costco and cut in halves 
4 tsp minced fresh garlic-- add more for taste. 
6 Tbsp cold butter chopped into pieces
1/2 cup fresh basil, chopped-- I always add extra. 
freshly grated Parmesan-Ramano cheese to top with.  ( I get to Belgioioso brand at Costco ).

Directions :: 

Turn oven to 425 to roast spaghetti squash. Cut spaghetti squash in half and clean out. Rub with olive oil, sprinkle sea
salt and pepper for taste. Put in oven and cook for 1 hour and 30 mins if its a big spaghetti squash, if it's smaller I do a hour and check the tenderness. Adjust cooking times if needed. Season the chicken breasts with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper.  I add a little garlic salt too.
Add your olive oil to your pan and wait for it to get hot. Once it's hot add your chicken . I cook mine 5 mins on each side then turn. 
After the chicken has been cooking for about 10 mins. Add the tomatoes and then the fresh basil. Next, add in the cold butter.  This will make the sauce silky. Then add the minced garlic. I add extra salt and pepper to season the sauce. Then give it a good stir ! Taste to see if you need more of anything. I add in my extra olive oil here. Turn to low and let simmer for 20 mins.
Take out spaghetti squash and let it cool. Then use your fork to pull into spaghetti. I then add my Tomato Basil Chicken mix to the spaghetti squashes and add some Parmesan on top and pop it back in the oven on broil for a few mins. Or do one big bowl and toss !! Top with more parmesan ramano cheese, fresh basil, salt & pepper if you want! Now it's time to eat!! We love this dish and think It's amazing!! It's even better the second day!! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Best Donut Shop

When we moved to Arizona we fell in love with BOSA donuts. They are seriously the best thing ever. They are so tasty, soft
& so poofy. They have every flavor you can imagine. When we moved to Arizona, there was only 2 shops within a few cities. Now they have at least 10-12 now within Gilbert, Mesa and Chandler. They are popping up everywhere. 
My kids love when we go to BOSA!! They get so excited to go and pick out what donut they want. 
Donuts remind me of my Dad. When I was little, he would love to go get a dozen donuts. I remember going with him and loving it. I loved spending time with my Dad and getting to pick out a yummy donut. 
If you are ever in AZ, make sure you stop at a BOSA !! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Birthday Celebrations

My boys birthdays are about 2 weeks apart. So I love to have them share a big party. It would be so crazy to do 2 big Partys. Just a few weeks apart! They love it. I love it. It works out perfect!! 
Then of course we celebrate each of their birthdays on the special date. I let them pic something special for their birthday day celebration. 
This year we celebrated at BounceU in AZ! It was amazing. BounceU has the most amazing birthday packages?!! They have so many fun options to choose and add on services. We started out in the front area. We checked everyone in and received wrist bands and glow necklaces- a add on! We then continued to the bounce rooms and then to the party room! It was so fabulous. The staff was amazing and I had no clean up!?? How great is that?? 
We will definitely be having more parties at BOUNCEU!! It was such a great way to stay out of this AZ and less work for this mama.  

Noah Noah is 3!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰❤️

Reggie Roo is 6!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ’™

The Birthday Boys 

Power Ranger Birthday Party!! You can bring in your own balloons. 

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Brazi Bites

Brazi Bites are a favorite in the Correa house hold !! They are a frozen Brazilian Cheese Bread ( PΓ£o de Queijo). These little puffy, cheesy breads are little bites of HEAVEN! Reggie had a homework assignment and it was to help your parents cook a side dish for dinner. Reggie picked Brazi Bites. They are his ultimate favorite snack. We love to make Brazi Bites as a after school snack, side dish for Brazilian food or even as a appetizer -- recipes coming soon!!
Check out Brazi Bites info here--
You will love them !! 

My cute little SU Chefs

Best place ever

A few weeks ago Diogo and I took NoahNoah on a breakfast date. We went to Genuine Fresche. They have the best acai bowls, smoothies,
fresh juices and power shakes!! Everything is so fresh and healthy. We all love it. This one is our favorite -- CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER Blend: Strawberry, Peanut Butter, Banana, Acai Sorbet, Chocolate Pea Protein, Water Topped: Granola, Sliced Almonds, Strawberries, Banana, Shaved Dark Chocolate & Honey.
 I wish I could make these amazing bowls at home all the time. I think I will start trying too. If you are ever looking for somewhere fresh and tasty. This is your place. It's kid friendly and it's so cute inside.
Check it out here--

Our cute DATE-- MR. Noah 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Cowboy Caviar Recipe

This is the perfect Labor Day appetizer and perfect football food!! It's healthy and yummy. Recipe below!

Cowboy Caviar 

Serves 12


1 pkg. frozen white corn
1 can black beans, rinsed and drained
2 avocados, diced
4 Roma tomatoes, diced
1 bunch green onions, chopped
Juice of 4 limes- fresh or the bottle 
1-2 tbsp. Of season salt  – add  more or less, according to taste. 
Garlic powder and sea salt, to taste. Tortilla chips or use mini peppers as chips. 

Directions ::

1. Combine corn, black beans, tomatoes, and green onions, mix well.
2. Gently add in the avocado, Season salt, and lime juice.
3. Season to taste with garlic powder and sea salt.
4. Serve with Tortilla Chips/mini peppers sliced

 *Original recipe was from Heidi Powell. I adjusted to meet my families needs. Enjoy!!  

Sunday, September 4, 2016

LeoToo Shop

These are my absolute favorite add on  for my boys!! We love them. They are so cute and affordable. Plus the shop always have fun new prints . Use the code below for a cheaper price !! 
Fall inspoπŸ‘Œ 3 NEW shades added to @leo_too shop! Go check it out then use code ENJOY2016 for 35% off!! These are my absolute FAVORITE! Perfect for my boys and I even put them in my nieces hair !! Go shop now.
Link below

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Pinners Conference AZ

AZ friends don't forget to grab your tics for the amazing Pinners Conference!!  Use this code to get a FREE general admission ticket-- FREESHOPPING 
You can upgrade your ticket if wanted as well. Get tics here --
Location-- 16601 N Pima Rd
Scottsdale, Arizona 
Who's going ??! 
I can't wait!! 
#pinnersconf #az #azblogger #correamommy 🌡

Friday, September 2, 2016

A Jar Of Drank

This is the best drink ever!! Originally from Lols chicken and waffles. Here is my copy cat!! Let me know how you like it?! 

Blue Raspberry Lemonade Koolaid - DRE'S LoLos copycat . πŸ‹πŸ’™ 
Andrea Correa 

2 packs of lemonade koolaid- mix with water and sugar. I added 2 packs of lemonade per the one amount of water and sugar. Then tasted and added more sugar if needed. That way it was stronger. 
Set aside. 
1 big Hawaiian Punch Berry Blue Typhoon Punch, 128 fl oz. 
2 packs of the blue raspberry lemonade. I just dumped these packages into the lemonade that I had made previously and mixed.  Added more sugar and tasted. Then added the Hawaiian Punch to it. Make sure you add a little and taste etc. That way you get a good mix. I also had Diogo and Emily test it. I added 1 1/2 lemons to my sonic ice . I sliced and added them and I squeezed some of them too. Then I added it all together. And tasted again to see that you have the perfect mix. It's super sweet and sugar overload. But sure tasty!! πŸ’™πŸ‹