Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Hi! I wanted to do a quick intro: My name is Andrea and I’m a mama to two beautiful boys, ages 5 and 2. My husband Diogo and I have raised our family in Utah, North Carolina, South Carolina and most recently Arizona. Where we have been the last 4 years. We have loved exploring each state with our little family. Finding new things to do and having fun is a must in our crew. Exposing my boys to the beauty in culture is something that is very important to our family. I am adopted from India and my husband was born and raised in Brasil. We will chat more about that later. We both have large loud families that love to laugh and act crazy, I love to cook, Diogo is a CANCER survivor of 1 year šŸŽ‰, we are infertile as a result of the cancer, I love to plan partys and host !! I have created this blog for a space for me to share my feelings, tips on adventures, family fun, beauty, food/recipes, events, travel, kids activities, mom-life, real life, DIY, all my favs and more!! We love our beautiful life and are so blessed. I hope you’ll join me on our adventures ! 

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