Monday, March 27, 2017

Oats Over Night

These cute little packages did not disappoint!! They are so tasty & easy. Mix one packet with your dairy of choice in a #blenderbottle . I used almond milk! Mix it up & put it in the fridge overnight! In the AM give it a few GOOD shakes and you have a fast, easy, yummy breakfast!! It's Perfect. My favorite was the Chocolate PB Banana 🍫🥜 🍌 !! Use code CORREA10 and get a discount on your order!! I really loved these and they made Breakfast so much easier. The quote from Oats Over Night is " Life Is Hard, Make Breakfast Easy" !! Love it. Visit them on Instagram here : @oatsovernight and shop the link below--
#oatsovernight #betterme 

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