Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ideal Shape

In the last few weeks i have started using the Ideal Shape products.  I have been especially busy with the boys and spring break. So these have been great. We have been partying a lot. Lots of fun activities, swimming & on the GO! Ideal shakes have been perfect for me to have as a meal replacement and they are so tasty. I love them. I like to mix mine with Almond milk & ice or Water / Ice. Just depends on the day. I love using Almond milk because its low in calories and sugar or even has no sugar.
I have been using the Ideal Bars and the Ideal boost too! All are becoming new favs of mine. I will be posting more in the next few weeks about all of these items.
You can find them all here below and you can use the code CORREA for an additional discount!!
yay !! PS-- I will also be doing a Giveaway this next week. So make sure you follow along. It will be held on my instagram @correamommydiaries

USE CODE CORREA for additional discounts!! 

I have the cutest little helper. 

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