Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mama love

I found this quote the other day and loved it. It is perfect for my post today to all of you wonderful MAMA'S!! 
Mama: The glue that holds everything thing together even when she feels she may fall apart. 
As a mother there are fabulous days and hard days. I know we all have them! It's ok. It's normal and I am right there with you. 
I was so excited when I came across the Mama Love Collective. First, anything pink I love!! Second, it's all about Mama's and I loved that. I love that it is a box specifically designed for Mama's. To help brighten their day. To make them
Smile a little more, have a treat and keep you positive! It's full of cute items you will love!! 

My cute pink box had the cutest items. I had a few treats and some fun hair ties that were specifically made for MAMAS! I also received  the cutest joyful mug ever and lots more fabulous items.

A note from the Creator -- 
Mama Love Collective was born out of my deep love and admiration for mothers. The things we do on a daily basis... they are tough, and hilarious, and downright crazy sometimes.
There is so much beauty in that, and my dream is to encourage other moms to embrace the chaos, encourage one another, and spread joy.

How amazing is that?! I love it! Let's help spread the Mama love and support this amazing small shop and all mama's out there!! Head over to @mamalovecollective for these beautiful boxes full of joy!! You will love them.

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