Monday, July 18, 2016

Correamommy's Summer Beauty FAVS

These are my absolute Beauty FAVS this summer !! I am loving all of them and know you will too. 
First fav is my Indie dry shampoo!! Who doesn't love dry shampoo?!! I know we all do. This stuff is so great and I love it. I usually use it on days of 2-4 of no washing. I buy mine at a Cosmoprof. So next time you are getting your hair done, ask your hair dresser about it! You will not be disappointed. 
Second, my WET brush!! These brushes are my fav. I have lots of knots and my hair is so long. I have broken many brushes and these are amazing!! I absolutely love these detangling brushes. You can buy them at Walmart, Target & Sally's. They also come in tons of colors & prints. So fun!! 
Third, is my Bed Head Masterpiece Hairspray. This hairspray smells so good and has a great hold. I have loved it for the last decade. Haha I purchase mine at Cosmoprof, Ulta or any Professional Salon.
Fourth, is my donut sponge! I can't live without this thing. I found mine at Sally's. You can also find them online & many other stores. You can get them in a few sizes. My fav is the biggest one because I have so much hair. I love that I can use my dry shampoo and then use my donut sponge to create the perfect Top Knot!! It's perfect for any hair type. You can do a sleek top knot, messy, low bun or whatever knot style. The sponge helps give a little more shape and can help create multiple looks.
Fifth is this amazing Garnier Blackhead face wash. I love it. I have had some issues with blackheads lately and this wash has saved me. It leaves my skin soft and feeling refreshed. I found it at Target! 
All of these products are amazing and I love them all. They all cost between $5-$20 dollars. All affordable and worth the price. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!! 
Xoxo ,

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