Monday, July 25, 2016

Costco finds for the week

We have been so busy returning from summer vacation. Now school shopping all weekend. I still can't believe school started today!! We dropped off Reg at his first day and we headed to Costco to do some shopping!! Everyone knows I love COSTCO!! I always find way to many good things. Here are some of my finds for this week!! You must try them all!! We love them. 

These Crackers are amazing!! I pair them with low fat laughing cow cheese or hummus!! They are Gluten Free too!! 

A little sweet/healthy treat!! Amazing.

My favorite drinks this summer! I love these bubbly ones and the non bubbly. They are on coupon ! So of course we needed more!! 

These Sweet Potato crackers are amazing!! Pair with Guac and you will love!! 

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