Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rodizio Grill opening Mesa AZ

 Diogo and I were able to have a date night and attend the VIP opening night for the new Rodizio Grill in Mesa, AZ! It is in Dana Park. It opened a few weeks ago.
We have been waiting for a Churrascaia - Brazilian Steak house to open up near us that is yummy and more affordale.
Rodizio did not disappoint. Being married to a Brazilian. I have become quite picky with Brazilian food and i have leaned how to cook a ton of the Brazilian items. Sometimes i think i am more picky then Diogo is. I was so happy that Rodizio was so good because it gives us somewhere yummy that serves Brazilian food we all enjoy. It gives me a break and everyone is happy.

Salad Bar Items-- They were so good! 

They had so many things to choose from. You can order the full Rodizio or you can just do the salad bar. We get the full Rodizio always! Because we love everything. Everything we had was so yummy. The salad bar was amazing. Tons of salads, cheeses, beans and more to pick from. The meat types were endless and all cooked to perfection. The abacaxi- grilled pineapple was amazing. That is one of my favorites. Drinks were great. We ordered Brazilian Lemonade and  guarana. Those are our favorites.

The desert was so good. We ordered the creme brulee with hints of orange. It was so good.

The service was amazing. We had the cutest server and she spoke Portuguese with Diogo.  So that was fun. She made the night even better. The  restaurant overall is gorgeous. It has gorgeous pictures of Brazil and has so much room. It is perfect for any event. A birthday, a dinner party or just a date night. Don't forget to sign up for the birthday club! You get a free meal. How amazing is that!??  
We loved Rodizio and are so happy it is finally here in AZ!! We will be visiting again soon. If you go let me know how you like it and what was your favorite !??!

You can find out more info here

Tchau, Correamommy


  1. Brazilian steakhouses are so fun and that lemonade looks amazing! I'll definitely need to check it out.

  2. I know a steakhouse isn't usually measured by it's salad bar but I'm glad to see they have a pretty nice assortment!