Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Seven Magic Mountains

Today we took a detour on our drive home. I really wanted to take the boys to see some cool rocks. I know it sounds weird, but when you see them. You will understand.
They are an art installation that is in the middle of the desert just past Las Vegas. They are bright and beautiful! I recently saw a picture and loved them. I knew I had to go and I knew my family wild love this little adventure. We found them after a 35 min detour off our original route home. We arrived and got out and explored. 
We loved the colors. The pink rocks were my favorite! The boys loved all the colors, the dirt and just being out in the desert. We took some pictures and walked around the little area. 
It was super hot. So after a good while we were done. The art installation will only be there for 2 years. I figured it would be a once in a lifetime thing we would do. Plus we love fun and adventure. This was right up our alley. 

If you head to the Seven Magic Mountains-- bring a camera and take lots of water! Enjoy. I will post the link below with more info to the art installation.


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