Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pizzeria Limone

This is the best place hands down to eat in Utah!! It's our favorite. They just put a new one by my moms house in Lehi. That's trouble. We went to Family night at Pizzeria Limone for our last night in Utah. We went with the Arhets side of the family and the Correas. They have big long tables enough to fit lots of family. I love it. My favorite pizza to order is the Pera add balsamic glaze and kalamata olives and the Ferrari - that's a secret pizza. It's not on the menu. They are absolutely divine. Everyone in the family loves it, so it's a win!! If you are in Utah you must go. Let me know how you like it and what you get?! Here's the link below to see if you have one close to you!!

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