Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Best Donut Shop

When we moved to Arizona we fell in love with BOSA donuts. They are seriously the best thing ever. They are so tasty, soft
& so poofy. They have every flavor you can imagine. When we moved to Arizona, there was only 2 shops within a few cities. Now they have at least 10-12 now within Gilbert, Mesa and Chandler. They are popping up everywhere. 
My kids love when we go to BOSA!! They get so excited to go and pick out what donut they want. 
Donuts remind me of my Dad. When I was little, he would love to go get a dozen donuts. I remember going with him and loving it. I loved spending time with my Dad and getting to pick out a yummy donut. 
If you are ever in AZ, make sure you stop at a BOSA !! 

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